Submitting Forensic Evidence for Examination

Getting your electronic evidence to the lab is one of the most critical aspects of it’s examination. We are happy to personally receive/sign for your electronic devices in person at our lab by appointment, or we can schedule a pick-up by one our Forensic Examiners at your office. If it’s impractical or impossible to have your client’s cell phone or computer hard drive delivered directly to us, then before you package and ship it to us, please get in touch with us for specific instructions on special packaging and shipping requirements. It’s not just about packaging it so it ‘survives’ the shipment, but it’s very important to minimize static electricity – which is a significant hazard to electronic data.

**A very special note regarding cell phone examinations**

If the cell phone you are submitting to us for examination requires the use of a SIM card for operation, please be sure that you obtain the SIM card from your client, or their custodian, before sending the phone to us for examination. Obtain and preserve the SIM card if someone has removed it from the phone -> please don’t attempt to re-install it, just simply include it with the celll phone when it transmitted to us for examination. It’s generally known on the street by people who are doing less than honorable things that changing or destroying the SIM card eliminates the evidence. While it may eliminate inculpatory evidence, it also eliminates extraction of potentially exculpatory evidence.

No worries…please rest assured that we will help you determine what needs to be picked up or shipped to us and via what method. There are shipping preferences depending on the type of equipment to be shipped ranging from FedEx to UPS to USPS – each one requires special consideration.

We will be happy to provide you with chain of custody documents – whether we are picking up forensic discovery at your office, or you will be shipping it to us – maintaining the evidentiary chain is mandatory. One final note, delivery signatures are a must-have, and should never be waived!

Cell Phone & Computer Forensics Laboratories