Non-Evidentiary Data Recovery Services

We provide professional data recovery services of lost business data on all types and manufactures of hard drives. If you personally have a crashed hard drive our recovery results guarantee is simple “No Data, No Fee”

Our specially designed hardware and software allows us access to crashed hard drives on a firmware level. This includes both flash ROM and the firmware located on the hard drive platter system area. Our software allows us to properly diagnose hard drive disk problems and re-write corrupted firmware modules. This will make the drive functional again and allow us to retrieve your critical data. Our systems support 2.5” laptop drives, 3.5” desktop drives, as well as SATA drives. This includes many families within each make of drive: Western Digital, Maxtor, Seagate, IBM, Hitachi, Toshiba, Fujitsu, and more.

Specifically designed for the Data Recovery Process to work with failed or unstable hard disk drives, our hardware Drive Imager takes the imaging process to a whole new level. It can reach speeds of 3.6 GB/min cloning the information from the damaged source hard disk drive to a new target hard disk drive It copies data sector by sector from the damaged drive and records a complete map of every sector and whether or not the sector was read properly. Because we use a hardware device, it has the ability to handle and control all sorts of common hard disk drive problems and errors that normal imaging software cannot manage.

You can reach us at 802.451.1098 ext 101 or email us at

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