Experts in Cell Phone & Computer Forensics

With our state of the art  computer and cell phone forensics expert services along with our new audio and video enhancement forensics we offer defense attorneys what previously was only available to federal agency and State forensics labs. A SVDFL computer Forensic Examiner recovers deleted, hidden and password-protected computer files are then bookmark saved and forensically analyzed. Perhaps even more important, a SVDFL Forensic Examiner will establish and document a chain of forensic custody that will be admissible in court. SVDFL has Forensic Examiners available to conduct forensic examinations of cell phones and computers in our lab,  or by using our FlexResponse Unit” portable lab we can travel to your location, as well as law enforcement forensic labs. Please keep in mind that when you receive a forensic report from the prosecution, that it has taken time in their lab to do the forensic examination and generate the report. Our lab also requires a similar amount of time to process forensic examinations, so please be sure to keep your discovery and trial schedule in mind when you request forensic examinations at SVDFL. Whether you are private counsel or a public defender and your forensic needs require the examination of cell phones and/or computers, whether you have basic text messages to be retrieved, webpages to be analyzed or require expert analysis of computer or cell phone evidence, please give us a call in Vermont 802.451.1098  ext 101 or in New Hampshire: 603.513.7833  ext 101 to get started.

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