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  • We are in fact the only private forensics lab in the State of Vermont that conducts forensic examinations of both cell phones and computers for the criminal defense bar. Our primary laboratory is located in Brattleboro, Vermont. The SVDFL digital forensics laboratory is a high security facility and we adhere to the strictest guidelines as set forth by the ASCLD/LAB standards for digital forensic laboratories. We ensure that there are no evidentiary/chain of custody issues once your evidence reaches our facility. Our Forensic Examiners utilize Cellebrite® EnCase,® Belkasoft Evidence Center,® Forensic Explorer® (FEX) and FTK® forensic software – all of which are universally recognized by the Courts as well as very importantly the law enforcement community. When you require us to go toe-to-toe with the prosecution in the courtroom, rest assured that our standards meet, or in many cases exceed theirs.
  • A SVDFL cell phone and computer Forensic Examiner can recover exculpatory evidence of deleted, hidden and password-protected computer files and cell phone data and on request produce a report that’s easy to understand and give court expert testimony that is jury friendly. Perhaps even more important, a SVDFL Forensic Examiner will establish and document a chain of forensic custody that will be admissible in court

  • SVDFL now has added a Concord, New Hampshire Regional Lab location, with a New Digital Forensics Lab right in downtown Concord, NH. SVDFL digital forensic laboratories is now able to conduct forensic examinations of both cell phones and computers for the criminal defense bar at our New Regional Lab located in Concord, NH, With this new location SVDFL is now offering all the same same services as our other digital forensic laboratories.

Whether you are private counsel or a public defender and your forensic needs require the examination of cell phones and/or computers, whether you have basic text messages to be retrieved, web pages to be analyzed or require expert analysis of digital evidence, please give us a call Vermont: 802.451.1098 option 1 or New Hampshire: 603.513.7833 option 2 to get started.

Craig Cantwell, Lab Director,

Craig Cantwell has been recognized as a court expert presenting key defense winning evidence and testified in high profile cases In Vermont for private defense counsel, for the Office of the Vermont Defender General including it’s Serious Felony Units and criminal cases for Public Defenders in all counties in the state of Vermont and also in Federal court cases including civil in New York City and Washington, DC

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