• Cell Phone Forensics

    In Lab or Onsite!

    We can perform forensics examinations on almost any device, including smartphones and traditional cell phones.
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  • Computer Forensics

    Remote Forensics Service Available!

    Utilizing our state of the art remote digital forensics equipment and software We have the ability to examine all types of digital media and turn around digital forensics data acquisition at a faster rate, all while maintaining the highest standards in evidence chain of custody and security.

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  • eDiscovery

    Verifiable recovery of electronic evidence

    SVDFL examiners are professional consultants with the technology and the know-how to make e-discovery work for your case and to protect you from errors in production to the other side.

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  • Non-Evidentiary Data Recovery

    No Data, No Fee Guarantee!

    SVDFL provides professional data recovery services of lost business data on all types and manufactures of hard drives. Our specially designed hardware and software allows us access to crashed hard drives on a firmware level.

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Technologies We Use

  • Guidance Software EnCase Forensic
  • AccessData FTK (Forensic Tool Kit)
  • Cellebrite UFED

SVDFL Digital Forensics Laboratories

Experts in Cell Phone & Computer Forensics

NOTICE: SVDFL can now enhance both videos and digital audio  allowing for the ability to identify objects, enhance faces, read license plates and save high resolution stills for use in court.
  • SVDFL has just added to its digital forensics tools the latest in cutting edge forensic technology digital and audio enhancement of everything from cell phones  to police dash cams.  SVDFL digital forensics lab now offers even greater video enhancement capabilities then before. SVDFL can now enhance videos on the same level as Federal  law enforcement agencies. Defense attorneys will find these new services very helpful In all kinds of cases involving any type of video but especially in DUI and highway stop cases where cruiser dash cam video is involved. This addition to our SVDFL Lab is one more reason we are one of the highest quality forensics labs and offer the most services in the region. With our computer and cell phone forensics along with our new audio and video enhancement forensics we offer defense attorneys what previously was only available to federal agency and State forensics labs.
  • We are in fact the only private forensics lab in the State of Vermont that conducts forensic examinations of both cell phones and computers for the criminal defense bar. Our primary laboratory is located in Brattleboro, Vermont.  However, even if we don’t have an office physically close to your location, we have the capabilities to serve clients throughout the United States. The SVDFL digital forensics laboratory is a high security facility to ensure that there are no evidentiary/chain of custody issues once your evidence reaches our facility. Our Forensic Examiners utilize Cellebrite® UFED, EnCase® and FTK® forensic software – all of which are universally recognized by the Courts as well as very importantly the law enforcement community. When you require us to go toe-to-toe with the prosecution in the courtroom, rest assured that our standards meet, or in many cases exceed theirs.
  • SVDFL has the ability to examine all types of digital media using state of the art remote digital forensic equipment and software, which positions us to be able to turn around digital forensics data acquisition from computer systems at a faster rate, while maintaining the highest standards in evidence chain of custody and security.
  • A SVDFL computer Forensic Examiner can assure that that all deleted, hidden and password-protected computer files are found and recovered. Perhaps even more important, a SVDFL Forensic Examiner will establish and document a chain of forensic custody that will be admissible in court.
  • Whether you are private counsel or a public defender and your forensic needs require the examination of cell phones and/or computers, whether you have basic text messages to be retrieved, webpages to be analyzed or require expert analysis of digital evidence, please give us a call at 802.451.1098 x 101 to get started. All inquiries are held in strict confidence.